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Exterior Car Detailing

If your vehicle is brand new, then our exterior detailing packages are perfect for you! We provide exterior packages consisting of a multi-step process that cleans every surface on the exterior of your vehicle. First, we start with a gentle rinse before washing the car by hand. After the initial cleaning, we use premium-grade cleaning products to gently remove debris without scratching the paint. Specifically, we clay bar the vehicle. 

Typically, clay bars are used to remove contaminants from the exterior of an automobile. If you car has overspray (or other residue), then a clay bar will restore your paint. Essentially, this exterior detailing technique primes the paint for other detailing techniques: waxing, polishing, and ceramic coating. Have you ever seen the putty cleaners that car detailing services use on the interior of cars? Well, clay bars work in a similar fashion. Frisco Auto Detailing is ready to clean the exterior of your vehicle, and we are excited to hear from you!

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Exterior Auto Detailing in Frisco, TX

After utilizing the clay bar, we polish and buff the exterior surface. Although we an abrasive (yet sill mild) compound, we buffer the body to remove scratches in the clear coat. If you’ve ever used polish, then you know that polish shines the paint. After the polish, we apply wax and sealant. In the Frisco TX sun, sealants give your vehicle that glossy shine. Unfortunately, applying sealant can be tricky. It can’t just be slathered on; however, it must be applied in circular motions to work effectively. If car detailing services apply detailing products in straight lines, then they may leave swirl marks and streaks on the vehicle. At Frisco Car Detail, we put in the extra effort to ensure the wax goes on properly, which protects your car’s clear coat and keeps it shiny and clean. In addition to detailing cars, we detail boats

We don’t neglect your rims and tires, either. We have tire black to make the rubber gleam in the sun, and we scrub off the brake dust that builds on your rims. Brake dust is extremely corrosive and causes ultra-fine scratches on the rim’s surface, eventually making them look dull. Our scrubbing technique will have your rims and tires shining and sparkling in no time at all.