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We offer paint correction in Frisco, TX!

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Paint Correction in Frisco, TX

Although paint correction is the trickiest aspect of car detailing, we offer paint correction services in Frisco TX! Unfortunately, it is challenging to match paint correctly. Every batch of color, even if it was produced at the same factory, has small variations. If paint has slight differences, then matching the paint colors will be impossible. If you’ve attempted to use OEM touch-up paint, then you’ve experienced the disappointment of matching colors on your vehicle. In Frisco TX, we work with automotive experts to accurately match colors, hues, and shades. 

In addition to color, some vehicles suffer from other issues that require paint correction. Does your car have oxidation? Typically, oxidation looks like foggy white spray paint on your car. Oxidation isn’t the only issue, as we routinely fix swirl marks from improper car wash techniques too. Swirl marks are easier to removes than deep scratches, but we will fix gouges in paint for an additional fee. 

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Paint Correction Services

At Frisco Car Detail, we strive to restore your vehicle! We are the #1 car detailing service in Frisco, TX for a reason. In regards to paint correction, we strive to restore cars to the glossy shine of showroom vehicles. Most of the time, we provide paint decontamination with a clay bar. Have you tested your vehicles paint a while? Well, rub your fingers over the paint… if the paint doesn’t feel butter smooth, then you most likely need paint correction. We recommend paint correction before waxing since sealants simply seal in the dirt and grime. Additionally, these contaminants can also cause bubbling, which causes the paint to flake and fall off in huge chunks, revealing rust beneath. Our professional team of detailers in Frisco TX has the knowledge, skills, and experience to precisely fix any paint issues you may have. By the time they’re finished, you will be happy with the level of accuracy and the sheer artistry it takes to fix paint issues properly.